Process Systems Associate 

Primary Function

To ensure operations run smoothly to help its clients deliver better and safer therapeutics.


  1. Hands-on performance of process engineering experiments – Routinely perform process exposure testing and conduct experiments to simulate BioProcesses and evaluate BioProcess components’ performance per SOPs and Test Protocols. Processes include pressurized systems such as steam, hydraulic, pneumatic, and chemical.
    1. Work Area Maintenance – Maintenance of work space in clean, ordered condition for preparation for setup.
    2. Instrument/Tool Calibration Verification – Ensure and record all equipment/tool/instrument calibration verifications prior to test startup.
    3. Process Equipment Set-up – Hands-on precision assembly of mechanical and instrumentation systems to test protocol requirements.
    4. Process Equipment Operation – Hands-on operation of computer-controlled and manual utility systems. Verification of proper system function including basic piping and instrumentation troubleshooting and maintenance of daily logs.
    5. Precision physical measurements with calibrated instruments and tools.
    6. Recording of data and observations, including photography, video and microscopes.
    7. Data summary and data analysis/review, including summary of experimental data, through the use of tables and graphs in Excel.
    8. Generation of experimental conclusions for review with staff and sometimes, with external clients.
    9. Assisting with the generation and review of reports.
  2. Equipment and Facility Maintenance – Ensure the equipment/instrumentation is in working order, well maintained, and ready for us for experiments, including the use of:
    1. Daily Logs
    2. Routine Maintenance
    3. Preventative Maintenance Program
    4. Instrument Calibration and Calibration Verification
    5. Weekly status update meetings

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